Saturday, January 27, 2007

Nonni Cooks Tonight

Did you miss me last night? Well, remember the 12-hour rule? I don't really want to say how long I worked yesterday, but let's put it like this. I left home in the dark. I came home in the dark. And one of the best ways to stay in touch with younger extended family members, apparently, is to stop by McDonald's at 11:00 on a Friday night. That's all I'm sayin'!

Today has been another catch-up day; it's one of those weekends that I could easily just stay in my pajamas with my laptop on my knees. Come to think of it, that's not much different from the way things are working out! Our two girls, granddaughters, son-in-law, and friends all went to the zoo today for some bonding time, and Nonni decided to cook her specialty for dinner at home, which she calls Gar-Thai chicken. This was originally a Rachael Ray recipe called Thai It You'll Like It Chicken, but she's made so many modifications that it doesn't bear much resemblance to the original. If you want to try it out, check out "Nonni's Notes" at the bottom. I have absolutely no idea what the original recipe tastes like!

Tonight's cooking was a great example of the difference certain ingredients make in a finished dish. I normally buy kosher chicken at Trader Joe's, but the local market doesn't carry it. Shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, tonight's chef was disappointed in the texture of the chicken in her dish. The kosher chicken just has better texture and flavor. However, dinner was still Del-ish (another Rachaelism). She succumbed to Mom and Dad's pleas to tone down the heat a little bit from her prior preparations, and we all enjoyed it. I like spicy, but there's a certain level of heat that, for me, just overrides the flavor of a dish. When cooking's this good, I want to taste it!
Hopefully, I can get through my stack of work in time to do some menu planning and grocery shopping before the weekend is over. I do still have Thursday's planned vegetarian meal on tap, so that's enough to get us started. Tomorrow, someone will cook something, so check back with us then!

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