Monday, January 22, 2007

The Brits Got It Wrong!

British psychologist Cliff Arnell has rated today as the "Most Depressing Day of the Year." Must be all those bangers and mash, because if he got to come home to a dinner of Sweet and Sour Ribs, I think even he would have a big smile on his face. This recipe was originally posted by Oceanjasper over the CLBB during last week's Sunday Game of the Week. For the uninitiated, that's a Sunday event where a random number is chosen, and everyone who wishes to play finds their cookbook that corresponds to that number by its place on the shelf, then chooses a new recipe to cook from it.

I have to admit to skepticism; after all, these ribs came out of the Crockpot. I figured I would com home to either a mass of mush and empty bones or dried out, unpalatable ribs. Boy, was I ever wrong. These beauties are toothsome and silky, dripping with a thick glaze of sauce. To round out the plate, I cut up the rest of the potatoes from yesterday's pot roast and sauteed them, along with red peppers and onions, in butter and olive oil until the developed a nice, crisp crust.

Even better, there was almost no mess to clean up, because I lined the Crockpot with a Reynold's slow cooker liner. Just pick it up and throw it away! What a way to end a Monday!

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