Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Don't roll your eyes! What if they get stuck that way?

But I couldn't help it. I cooked again tonight out of Donna Hay' Modern Classics, and my eyes rolled back in my head after the first bite. The Thai Pork with Noodles delivered everything the Bolognese Sauce lacked. This dish was vibrant with flavors--browned pork, thinly sliced red chilis, lemongrass, red onion, and mint leaves, and a sweet-sour snap from a dressing of fish sauce, brown sugar, and lime. There was just as much variety in the textures, with the crisp, fresh vegetables contrasting with the chewy mung bean vermicelli. This one is a definite keeper.
Since we don't exactly have a thriving farmer's market here in the summer (my car thermometer registered 117 degrees outside while I was running errands, and it's still 101 here at 10:15 tonight), I have to get my summer produce fix at places like Whole Foods. This afternoon, I couldn't resist the heirloom tomatoes. I also picked up a basket of black figs that are at their succulent peak, bursting with juice and tasting like candy. I do envy those of you, though, who can stroll through the stalls and talk to the growers, buying locally. Somehow, talking to the Whole Foods produce guy just doesn't feel the same.

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