Monday, February 18, 2008


Okay, I don't even know what that title is. I'm frustrated and grumpy. I am working on a BIG project that I can't really even talk about right now, and it's complicated and makes my head spin. I need to do it, but I don't enjoy it. I wanted to plan menus, grocery shop, and cook all day on my day off and alone today, but instead, I was chained to a computer. I still have papers everywhere, and need to get them in some kind of order, then hurry and go to bed so I can get up and go to work in the morning.

I tried out a new make-up look this weekend, and totally want to do it for work tomorrow. (Yes, I'm still a teenager at heart, even though I turned 48 this weekend. I like to reinvent myself a little on my birthday every year, even though it never lasts.) Anyway, if I do the make-up, I need 15 minutes for that part of my routine instead of the 2.5 minutes I usually allow for makeup. We'll see. I do have a killer dress I want to wear, too. I love it, and for some reason, rarely put it on. It's very professional, very sharp, very together.

We did get to see the family over the weekend. Birthdays are good for that, at least. We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I had some avocado egg rolls (something I would NEVER have thought of) with a tamarind cashew dipping sauce which tasted neither of tamarinds nor cashews, but was good anyway. And I had cheesecake, which I don't think I've ever done at the Cheesecake Factory. I tasted my son-in-law's banana cream cheesecake, and man, do I want to figure out how to do that! My Tres Leches Cheesecake was pretty doggone tasty, though.

So, right now, I have a project I want to talk about, but really shouldn't. I have no groceries, no menus, no nothin'. I have a squeezed-tight budget, so I need to cook at home, which means trying to get the dry cleaner AND the grocery store in tomorrow night, plus the work I never picked up this weekend. I need to go to the bank on my way to work tomorrow, and a visit to the post office (a stand-in-line-kind-of-visit) is on the lunch menu. Oh, and I was craving Lucky Charms today--with milk (which I'm allergic to). I did make it to the store for that, and I'm feelin' it now!

So, if any of you would like to give me a good e-kick in the butt and get me off my pity party, feel free. Hopefully, I can get my kitchen mojo back tomorrow. I'm taking Veganomicon to work with me tomorrow in hopes of picking out at least a couple of recipes to shop for. I only looked through 10 cookbooks today, and couldn't find one single thing to make.

Thanks for listening. If any of you are actual psychologists, send me a bill. I'll be happy to pay for services rendered.


Josie said...

Hopefully you will get some late night solitude soon... hang in there!

Michelle said...

Thanks, Josie. I did have plans to run by the store and cook a great dinner. I did run by the store...then another to get vital wheat gluten. And what DOES it say about the day when, after all that, one has Lucky Charms and a Bartles & James Fuzzy Navel for dinner?

LisaRene said...

Cooking is the best form of therapy!

Reinventing yourself a bit is always a good thing and we always feel better if we take a few extra minutes to pamper and primp.

I tend to "save" my best clothing for special occasions and find that I have only worn the outfit once or twice and it is out of style. Put on that killer dress and have a night on the town - or, maybe more to your liking a night in with good friends who are wearing their "i've yet to have a reason to wear it "outfit.

The Cheesecake Factory always makes me smile :)

May you have many, many more happy birthday's to come!

Josie said...

I say have another Bartles & James Fuzzy Navel :)

Ricki said...

Sorry you're feeling phhhthhhh. Could it just be the winter doldrums? (I can totally relate to that one). Ah, Lucky Charms, favorite cereal of my childhood. So think of it as a nostalgic trip to your inner child, and be nice to her!

Also, happy belated birthday--hope it was a good one (those cheesecakes sound to-die-for, by the way!). And, 48? You're just a baby! :)

Erika W. said...

Michelle, I hope somewhere in here you get the time to just take a day for yourself- it sure sounds like you could use it.

I reciprocated your tag by the way. ;-) I've tagged you for Lia's Braisy Chain this morning. Maybe it'll help fend off the winter doldrums.

Michelle said...

Well, ladies, wish you could all come hang out on this Friday night. I'm adding peach pie and ice cream to the Lucky Charms and B&J round up. It's just been h-e-double-hockey-sticks week, and I have to be back at a work event early tomorrow morning. Even a Boca burger sounds like too much work right now! Put on your PJ's, turn on HGTV, and have a bowl of Lucky Charms with me! I'll save you some pie. :-)