Monday, November 26, 2007

Family Picnic

For those in the know--and you know who you are--it's time for the annual family Christmas picnic! You also know when--and where. (And you KNOW I'm not posting those details online.) What you might not know is what everyone is bringing. If you want to share your plans to avoid duplicates, just post a message to this post. Everyone can read them, and then everyone will know everyone else's business. And if you have a question--this is a good place to ask, too (at least if you're like me and you'd rather communicate electronically than pick up a phone). We look forward to seeing you all soon!


Kira said...


Some of us are apparently not in the know. I don't have any idea when or where the Christmas picnic is, so does that mean I don't get to come? :) I'll bring whatever everyone wants me to bring - but someone has to tell me where and when it is.

Love you!

Your youngest-and-last-to-know-everything daughter.

Anonymous said...

Your menorah is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Can I ask where you got it?

Michelle said...

That menorah is a Gary Rosenthal piece--one of three different ones we have by that sculptor. I believe we picked that one up in a gallery shop in the Spice Market at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas, of all places! We got another at Hoi Polloi in Downtown Disney in Orlando, and the other--I don't remember exactly where. We collect religious art everywhere we go, and often find it in unexpected places. :-) If you google "Gary Rosenthal," you'll find lots of pieces that are similar in style.